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Conditions of Use Conditions of Use
Put here your Conditions of Use information.


The access to our services and their use are governed by the present Conditions of Use (the "Contract" ). By reaching those services and by using them, you commit to the respect for the present Contract, and recognize to have understood and accepted the terms and conditions. If you do not wish or can not accept the Contract, you are up not to use the Site and to disconnect you at once from it.


ralph-lauren-paschere.com Group

Address:F5 of Keji Buiding,Baiyun Road,Baiyu Bay,HongKong

Email: mailto:ralph-lauren-paschere.com@gmail.com


Please note that shoes, clothes and accessories sold on this websites are made in China and in Vietnam, and are directly sent to you from the sites of production.


?Shoes : Women : 36 to 40. Men : 40 to 46*
*Except : Chanel, Gucci, LV, D&G, and Prada : 40 to 45 for men.
?Hats, socks, sunglasses, watches, bracelets, bags, and belts : oen size fits all.
?Shirts : S, M, L, XL
?T-shirts and underwears : L, XL, XXL
?Jeans : 35 to 48. Refer to the descriptions of jeans to see the complete table of sizes.
?Rings : 8 to 23. Refer to the descriptions of rings to see the complete table of sizes.

Important note regarding all purchase :

To counter in the possible shortages of stock, we encourage you to clarify the choice of a product of replacement for each of your articles: a field "Comments" on the page of payment is foreseen for that purpose. Indicate us reference and size of one or several articles of replacements. This stage is indispensable to guarantee your complete satisfaction, and we encourage you to dedicate to it the biggest care. In case of problem, the absence of second line of products will be unfavorable: no complaint will be held by the suppliers.


Factories making the models of shoes, clothes and accessories of the biggest brands of the world, produce very important volumes. They are divided among the distributors of the brands and the local storekeepers, helped by the flexibility of Asiatic laws in the field of the business and the industries. Products sold on this website result from these same factories of production. Thus, www.ralph-lauren-paschere.com allows you to have access to the most beautiful ranges of bags, shoes, sunglasses, clothes and accessories of top-grade quality, also notably in watches, scarfs, belts, jewels, caps and sporting accessories.

www.ralph-lauren-paschere.com guarantees the lowest prices on the market for all the ranges of products, due to the system of orders by bi-monthly bulking.


www.ralph-lauren-paschere.com use bi-monthly bulking for all the orders, which consists in treating the purchases by sections of 15 days. Even though it may make the delay of delivery quite long, monthly bulking is necessary to guarantee the lowest prices to all of our clients, durably.


www.ralph-lauren-paschere.com use bi-monthly bulking for all the orders, which consists in treating the purchases by sections of 15 days. Even though it may make the delay of delivery quite long, monthly bulking is necessary to guarantee the lowest prices to all of our clients, durably.

?From the beginning of the next 15 days, the preparation of orders varies from 6 to 9 workdays (for big volumes), and the delay of dispatch varies between 10 and 15 working days. The maximum total period of delivery (including the month of monthly bulking) is 2 to 4 weeks.

?For the pairs of shoes that might me in shortage of stock, it is necessary to take into account 1 or 2 weeks of supplementary delay.

This delay being independent from our will, we will decline any complaint during this period of waiting. Besides, the suppliers will not make any refund during this period, and any attempt of block of transfer or fraud will be pursued. We thank you for your cooperation.

Table of indication of delivery periods:

Prix du produit
Porudct Price

Livraison Standard
Standard Delivery

Livraison Prioritaire Premium
Premium Prioritary Delivery

0-49 EUR

14 EUR

25 EUR

50-99 EUR

19 EUR

30 EUR

100-149 EUR

24 EUR

35 EUR

150-199 EUR

29 EUR

40 EUR

200-249 EUR

34 EUR

45 EUR

250-299 EUR

39 EUR

50 EUR

300-349 EUR

44 EUR

55 EUR

350-399 EUR

49 EUR

60 EUR

>400 EUR

Livraison gratuite

Livraison gratuite

Important note:

?In February and October, China goes through two 15 days periods of national holidays.
?From April 9 to April 30, the manufacturers realize a complete inventory of their factory.

During these two periods, we will disregard any complaint regarding delays of reception. Orders will be treated by the manufacturers once the national holidays or their inventory are over. We shall not make any refund for these periods of delay. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Once the payment has been confirmed, 72 hours are necessary so that your bank finalizes the transactionl.
If your purchase was finalized during the weekend, a delay of 24 hours will be necessary, since all orders are handled during working days.

After this management, it will be necessary to refer to you in the paragraph "Delays and Frequencies of Delivery" to know the delivery period of your package.


Packages are sent by the supplier by way of the following circuit: the packages are forwarded and deposited to the Chinese post office, then are taken care by EMS services, then by CHRONOPOST's services.


Your payment on Shoes-Sports.net is made safe by a SSL protection using a process of cryptography per public key of 128 bits. This process is used to guarantee the safety of the data transmission on the Internet. When you log on to your account, the address ralph-lauren-paschere.com has an URL starting with HTTPS, the "S" meaning "secured".


Chinese International Frontier Payments: Importation of commercial goods from China.

The supplier ensures the payment in advance of the rights and the regulated Chinese taxes to the postal conveyor and EMS-China in the next month. These rights must be discharged by the customer who received an order finalized before the end of the month of the declaration of the imports that it carried out, and declared by the supplier in the jurisdiction of his country of forwarding. The supplier takes part in 75% in advance. The final amount to discharge by the customer who placed an order cannot exceed 8$.

Web site is managed by an International Agency:

Managed services:

?Your follow-up: complete follow-up of your order, follow-up of enamel, tracing of your parcel.

? Backups: administration of the payments and backup of your banking and personal data as well as the follow-up of your deliveries (these information are never transmitted in China or abroad). In the event of litigation or fraud, this information is preserved during 1 year to facilitate the requisition of the Police and Service of Repression of the Frauds.

?Translation of the services: Chinese in French, Spanish, German, Italian and English to bring a better comprehension of what concretely proposes the producers of the brands suppliers.

These services thus guarantee you to be satisfied as well as possible, and protect your personal and banking data to regulate your taxes by professionals entitled to recall a swindle.

Agency Expenses :

Quota of work which increases regularly by rigorous controls of the orders by bank card, as well as backups of your orders :

- the Supplier pays 15%

- the customer will have to pay a tax for the US Agence Publicit?Internet located in theUSA, which manages these services in connection of the Européenne company.

- Tax Customer: 4% to regulate on average basket of 80 euros maximum.


Information: The producer from his site in China cannot take account of the jurisdictions of each country, which evolve regularly and which are very complex to follow. The customer, who is the only person in charge for his ordering of importation of goods from Asia via the Internet, must get information near the qualified services of his country about the law in rigour.


You admit having read the FAQ, and accept the general conditions of sale of the company "International Trading LTD" without call. International ralph-lauren-paschere.com is affiliated with the management of E-trade on the Internet, to improve quality of exchanges and services.


More than 98% of our customers are satisfied with their orders on ralph-lauren-paschere.com. We thank you for your trust and always growing fidelity!


In the hypothesis where one of the clauses of the present contract would be invalid by a change of legislation, rule or by a decision of Justice, it would in no case affect the validity and respect for the present general conditions of sale.

International Trading can modify, at any time and without preliminary notice, the present Contract by posting the new Contract on the Site.


The present conditions are subjected to the Chinese law. The allocation of competence in case of dispute, and for lack of privately negotiated agreement between the different parts, is given to HONGKONG's competent courts.

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